Thursday, March 12, 2009

College Kids Update!!!

Ryan & Brittany are enjoying their Last semester at BYU~I

Kaylie has become an expert Snowboarder(Is this why we sent her to college?)

Jordan went to California and came back with a new "Friend" Brooke!


Ryan and Brittany said...

Wow you are totally showing me up blogging twice in like 2 weeks!! Kaylie... those are sweet pics! I wish I wasn't such a wimp... I need some of that real Cushman blood! Jordan... Brooke is so cute!! Good luck with everything! To the rest of the Cushmans... only like 4 more weeks and we will be together! Wahoo!!!

momstheword said...

What fun pictures of everybody! I never actually went away to college, but I'm sure I would have had a blast!!!!

I just now noticed you on the link today or I would have visited sooner. Thank you for joining us today and sorry I didn't visit sooner.

In the future, you will want to mention the Making Your Home Sing Monday meme in your post, as well as link back to the original meme post. I know it can be confusing, sorry. I have instructions on the post if you want to see them.

Again, thank you for joining us and glad I got to visit and "meet" you!